Our Story

Our company was established in 1960 in Padua thanks to the passion that Ruggero Broggian still has nowadays.

A special passion for beauty cultivated with continuity and perseverance, as it is a personal and exclusive vocation. A total commitment enriched over the years by a deep knowledge of the markets, of the raw materials and of the manufacturing techniques.

The continuous search for shape, harmony and balance to reach the purity of perfection

The growth process of our company has been made even more unique and exclusive by the city of Padua, which has contributed in a determinant way thanks to its art and its fine craftsmanship tradition.

A jewel is a dream come true, which encompasses a unique beauty in its essence.

Unique pieces

La fantasia crea le idee, le idee le linee, le linee rifrangono la luce. Un gioiello perfetto è un gioiello di luce!
Di seguito alcuni pezzi unici della nostra collezione di gioielli.