About us

D∙Donna is the brand created by Broggian family. Nowadays, it is a high-end jewellery company, which was established in 1960 by Ruggero Broggian, constantly evolving towards the pursuit of beauty.

For the ones who dream an important future, there is a present made of quality and service, which continuously need to be updated and enhanced.

Our company lives beauty in tune with women-s desires, constantly searching for new creations and selecting high quality gems.

Behind each one of D∙Donna creations there is an effective production system, aiming at the present market needs, by continuously updating its philosophy focused on a passion for beauty.

A D·Donna jewel exalts the personality of who wears it, by encompassing beauty, elegance and creativity

Savoir Faire

Our masterpieces come only from our experience and our passion