Offer a Diamond

Characteristics such as longevity, beauty, purity, resistance, make diamonds so unique and precious to be embedded in jewels to stand as a symbol for human relationships.

A diamond captures the instant in which it is given! Each diamond is unique as much as your present is!

The purchase of a diamond or diamond jewel is a choice that needs to follow the specific needs of an individual according to the personal taste, motivations, feelings and background. If this choice is appropriate, the purchase of a diamond will leave a lasting memory to who receives it, but also to who offers it!

All D·Donna diamonds come in an elegant blister, accompanied by a diamond jewellery box and certificate of authenticity!

Light! It is almost impossible to catch it, reflections are its soul, and a perfect jewel is a jewel of light.

Create your Solitaire

Celebrate your engagement with a Solitaire ring, as a diamond ring is the love token par excellence.

A solitaire is the purest way in which a diamond may shine!

Golden rings having soft, refined and enveloping lines that enclose each woman’s soul.

Thanks to D·Donna, you will choose the ring design and the diamond that will illuminate it!

fantasy creates ideas, ideas create lines.
Design catches the eye of who is looking at it, only the ones who can choose get what they want.